Buddhist Meditation Part 1: The Buddha’s Teachings on Mindfulness with Diana Clark

SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018 9:30AM TO 3PM.

For this first of two daylongs we will explore the sayings of the Buddha with regard to mindfulness meditation. With an eye toward its practical applications, we’ll examine the richness of how mindfulness was described, taught and practiced at the time of the Buddha.

Bring lunch; no registration required

Location: Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City CA 94062

Diana Clark is a Buddhist practitioner, scholar, teacher, and general supporter of the dharma. She has cumulatively spent more than a year in silent meditation retreats and when not stealing away to go on retreat, she teaches graduate-level courses on Theravada Buddhism at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. In addition to her graduate degree in Buddhist Studies, she has a PhD in biochemistry and serves the dharma community by being the treasurer of the Insight Retreat Center in Santa Cruz and is on the board of the Buddhist Insight Network.