Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program

As Buddhist spiritual practice finds an increasing presence within American society, there is both an opportunity and a need to train Buddhist practitioners to serve as spiritual caregivers and chaplains. The Sati Center for Buddhist Studies is offering a yearlong training program to provide an introduction to spiritual care skills from a Buddhist perspective. This is a unique opportunity to study Buddhist principles and practices relevant to spiritual caregiving, as well as an introduction to the psychological, social, and ethical issues related to chaplaincy.

This 11-month program is designed to meet the needs of people in a variety of ways:

  • Introductory training for those interested in becoming volunteer or professional chaplains in hospitals, hospices, jails and other places where spiritual care is needed. (The training does not meet all the requirements needed for professional certification as a chaplain.)
  • Fulfilling one requirement that certain Buddhist groups have to endorse or ordain a member to become a Buddhist Chaplain.
  • Basic training in spiritual care: attending the sick and dying, performing weddings, memorials and other ceremonies, and offering spiritual direction for interested Buddhist clergy and lay practitioners.

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Click here for writings by Buddhist Chaplaincy students.  Their voices give example to the nature of training in Buddhist Chaplaincy.

Each spring, an introduction to Buddhist chaplaincy event is sponsored by The Sati Center and The Institute for Buddhist Studies.  Click here for more information.