Tuition for the 2020-21 program is $ 2,000, paid in 2 installments:

  • 50% prior to the first class in September
  • 50% at the 5th class in January

In cases of financial hardship, monthly payment plans are permitted if the student agrees to submit payments with a balance tracking form provided by the Sati Center. This supports our volunteer accountant a great deal.

In addition, the application fee is $100.

The Sati Center for Buddhist Studies is committed to making our programs accessible to all qualified applicants. In this spirit, we offer a limited number of Work Exchange scholarships are available.  Scholarship recipients receive a 50% discount off regular tuition rates. In exchange, scholarship students perform administrative tasks to support the training. These include classroom set up, audio recording of class presentations, literature reviews & research, and miscellaneous typing projects.

–Scholarships apply to Buddhist Chaplaincy Training participants only
–Eligibility is based on financial need.  Scholarships are intended for people with no or low income
–Scholarship recipients will receive a 50% discount off regular tuition rates. The remaining tuition must be paid by the 6th class (February).
–Applicants must plan to complete the training
–Scholarships are applied to tuition costs only and should not be requested to offset expenses associated with travel, books, and other program costs.
–A Work Exchange Scholarship application is required.  It is here.