Sati Center Classes

Pre-registration is not necessary for Sati Center daylong classes. These classes are offered freely, but your donations and support for these classes are appreciated.  

Problems of aging, illness, and death are all too often treated as a special subset of a larger set of problems to which the Dhamma can be applied: Dhamma practice specifically for people who are old, sick, and approaching death. It’s important to remember, though, that the facts of aging, illness, and death, and the shadow they cast across health, youth, and life, were the original impetus that led the bodhisatta—the young Buddha-to-be—to look for the Dhamma in the first place. We owe the Dhamma as a whole to his desire to find a truth that lay beyond the suffering entailed in these facts.

This daylong—through readings, talks, and discussions—will explore how many of the Buddha’s most basic teachings are specifically designed to help comprehend aging, illness, and death. It will also explore ways in which the skills of the triple training in virtue, concentration, and discernment are precisely the skills needed to approach aging, illness, and death in a way that avoids suffering and can lead to the freedom of the deathless.

Ajaan Thanissaro (Geoff) is an American monk of the Thai wilderness tradition. After graduating from Oberlin College in 1971 with a degree in European Intellectual History, he studied meditation under Ajaan Fuang Jotiko in Thailand and ordained in 1976. In 1991 he helped establish Metta Forest Monastery in San Diego, CA where he is the abbot. He is a prolific writer and translator. Many of his works can be found online at